The Martelli Enterprise is comprised of a uniquely structured diversity of Four Businesses that complement one another:

Martelli’s Metal Fabrication Inc.

Martelli’s Metal Fabrication Inc. is a full service manufacturer of metal products that has been in the business for 40 years. We have been providing custom rolling, forming, sheering, and manufacturing large non pressurized tanks, cylinders of all sizes, hand railings in Stainless Steel, Aluminium, carbon steel, that can be anodized or galvanized . We provide our welding services in compliance with industry standards, and we are certified in aluminium, stainless steel and alloy welding practices.

Martelli’s Inc.

Martelli’s Inc. was originally created as a towing company, in 1991 the Company was restructured and began dedicating its focus towards hauling steel, machinery, and specialized equipment and became known as a “for hire motor carrier”. And today Martelli’s Inc. is still hauling steel, machinery and specialized permit loads from it’s Bucks County Headquarters, to points North to the Canadian border, and South to Florida, and out west to Utah and all points in between. In addition to transporting all of the metal fabrication components that Martelli’s Metal Fabrication shop produces can be delivered to the end user

Plastic Media Blasting, LLC

Out of the desire to become more self sufficient in the metal fabrication business Ernest C. Martelli, III determined that incorporating a metal preparation and finish painting application within the organization would be beneficial so 2013 Plastic Media Blasting LLC was acquired which permitted all the work that was previously outsourced to remain in house and under control of the Metal Fabrication Management Team. And today the Plastic Media Blasting business offers a variety of media blasting and painting services, from vehicles to ornamental Urns.

Doyle Machine Tool Inc.

April 2018 out of a desire to expand the capabilities of the Martelli organization, Ernest C. Martelli, III acquired the assets and contracts of the Joseph J. Doyle Machine Tool Sales Company Inc. and Doyle Machine Tool Inc. was formed.this entity performs the strategic rigging, movement, relocation and installation of specialized manufacturing machinery.